Accelerate Patching with Oracle Ops Center

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
Ops Center is the newest edition to the Oracle Enterprise Manager family of products. Ops Center is Oracle's software solution for the scalable provisioning, patching, monitoring, and management of physical and virtual environments. Take advantage of the advanced patch management and provisioning features, and start enjoying the benefits of best-of-breed management for all your Oracle hardware. For more information please visit the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center website.

Enterprise Integrations
Enterprises running 24x7 network operation centers (NOCs) require central visibility into the health of critical business services to ensure uptime per SLAs.

Halcyon's Neuron Integration for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center captures critical events from Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center and seamlessly integrates these events with a wide range of Enterprise Management Frameworks (EMFs), including IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, and BMC Event Manager. Events include hardware system component failures, as well as OS health and performance metrics such as inadequate CPU, memory, or disk.

Heterogeneous Platform and Application Monitoring
Enterprises depend on their mission critical business services on a daily basis. These services are made up of one or more applications and run most efficiently when OS resources are not heavily loaded and readily available.

Halcyon's Neuron Platform and Application Monitoring for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides centralized visibility into the health, performance, and availability of heterogeneous platforms and applications. This solution proactively detects critical OS and application problems and instantly presents them in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. This solution leverages Halcyon's intelligent monitoring software, the Neuron Agent.

Accelerate Patching in the Datacenter
Halcyon is offering 5 and 10 day Packaged Services for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center (PDF) enabling organizations to quickly speed ahead and start utilizing Ops Center in their datacenters.

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